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Welcome to Safari Wallet, where you are not only a customer but a member of the Safari Wallet family. At Safari Wallet, you will be guaranteed an unforgettable experience for yourself and your loved ones. We work with various operators (Tour companies, Hotels, Guides, and other Service providers) to guarantee personalised experiences.

Designing your trips

No trip or experience should go missed because you can't find it in our search area (engine). If you have tried to search or look for something and it's not listed.! Or you are just an adventurous person or person who loves to design their itinerary. This feature gives you the power to create anything you wish or you've been dreaming of, with no limitations on days or destinations or add ons (flights, accommodations, places to stay, etc.). Think of a breakfast buffet mixed with brunch. You can design something for you and your loved ones. Our travel specialists and partners will look into your needs and interests, and your package will be ready in less than a day.

Travelling with friends and Family

Nothing beats spending time with the people you love most, especially out of the usual surroundings. Explore new experiences while building long-lasting memories and unforgettable connections and experiences. At Safari Wallet, we reward people who think of others when it comes to travel. When you travel with friends or loved ones as one, Safari Wallet will reward you up to 10% worth of your booking trips as a credit for your future travels, which will help you to lower expenses on your upcoming travels costs. All you have to do is make sure you add their names and important details when booking with them or for them with you.

School trips or Learning experiences

School trips for learners are widely available and well catered for with Safari Wallet for all age groups with locations covering numerous subjects or topics It gives young people the chance to experience cultures, respect differences, and develop new friendships with their peers, thus broadening their horizons and knowledge. Tours/Experiences are a tangible way to consolidate learning; the experience from a trip can be directly related to the real world and what they learn daily at school Suppose you are a University, college, Primary School in Tanzania and looking to prepare for a school trip or university trip, or student group trip; in that case, we will be happy to assist you.

Travelling as a group

Safari Wallet has a wide range of options for groups with well-thought activities designed to strengthen bonds. With travel as a group, you could join others under "Safari Wallet Pool," also referred to as "Safari Pool. which allows you to have fun at the same time lower expenses in travel and opportunity for rewards with Safari Wallet. At Safari Wallet, group travel refers to any organised, multi-day trip that you pre-book and meet a group of other travellers who booked the same experience. Or this could be you travelling as a group with people you know, i.e., family, workmates, or friends, and you are among the organisers.

Travelling for Events

Are you a lover of festivals? Or Marathons like the Kilimanjaro Marathon? Serengeti Safari Marathon in Tanzania Or perhaps you love music & film festivals (i.e. Sauti Za Busara in Zanzibar, Zanzibar Film Festival, Jahazi Festival, and Maybe Nyegenyege Festival in Uganda). Still, you always find it exhausting to search for a safe place to stay, which public transport means to use, where to grab your meals from, and the like, well, let Safari Wallet take care of it all. With Safari Wallet, all you have to do is identify the event and leave the rest to us. Seatback, relax and enjoy your event as we take care of the rest working within your budget.