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Change the Notion of travel for Local Africans

If you love the idea of innovation around travel industry, then this might be your place to be, we are set to use number of skills to offer of travel to local Africans and beyond.

So if you are looking for internship or full time jobs and you're a Software Engineer, Travel Specialist or content person do not hesitate to try us today

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Join the family, not just a company

We value our employees as individuals and encourage a sense of belonging among our team members with an emphasis on creating a strong and supportive work culture

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What's there for you

Friendly working environment

Friendly working environment

At Safari Wallet, we aim to establish a supportive and inclusive workplace where you can feel a sense of belonging. You will have the chance to work closely with others and develop your skills.

Learn, explore and grow

Learn, explore and grow

We value professional development and encourage you to take on new roles and responsibilities as you progress in your career.

Paid internship and others

Paid internship and others

We offer paid internships where you can gain valuable experience and skills while working with our team. These internships are a great way to jump-start your career in the fin-tech industry.

Travel exposure

Travel exposure

Travel is a big part of our culture at Safari Wallet. We occasionally sponsor company-wide trips to different locations to expose our team to different cultures and ways of working.

Kitchen access

Kitchen access

The convenience and comfort of having a well-equipped kitchen where you can enjoy your meals, snacks, and drinks while at the office.

Flexible Schedule

Flexible Schedule

At Safari Wallet, we understand the importance of work-life balance and offer flexible scheduling.

Be anything you wish to be

In a place, diversity is embraced and candidates from different backgrounds are welcomed into our team. Whether your competencies are in travel, tech, business, marketing, finance, or people, a career at Safari Wallet supports you to be your best self with vast opportunities for you to explore.

Software Engineering

We are building the first fin-tech travel platform for Africans to travel, the work here includes - product designing, data, web and the rest related.

Business and Marketing

We do believe marketing is a science rather than forcing people to buy products, how can we make our possible customers aware of the service SW offers? Got an idea?


A culture of saving in advance towards travel or anything has not been for many of us, to some it's easy, but we focus on helping our clients to afford all types of experiences to make sure the payment possibilities are simple.


Governance, diversity, talent handling, people placing, and all you can think of. We have a culture and still building a culture that makes people of the company happy since this is their home from sunrise to sundown, hence their daytime family. If you are an HR, we will soon have open positions for you so you can help us shape and build a strong team for the growth of the company and its people.

We are innovating for Africans to travel


Localizing African tourism

It is our wish to become the reason why Africans are traveling.

For decades Africans tourism has been the only focus to be a product of western's. Safari Wallet as a travel fin-tech it is our focus to build experiences that will last and create memories and bonds for local Africans and those who could not or will not travel because of financial barriers or hidden information.

At Safari Wallet, we're pushing the boundaries of travel and tourism in Africa through our innovative financial technology solutions. Our mission is to empower locals and travelers alike to experience all that Africa has to offer, breaking down financial barriers and providing access to a wealth of information. Join us on our journey to create unforgettable experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.