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Each trip carry's a great purpose, and we have centralized our service to make your travel dream true.

Personalize it

Personalize it

Make it unique, design it from scratch, name it and book it in your comfort

Human Centered

Human Centered

We have a team of humans ready to assist you before, during, and post travels.

Guaranteed Experiences

Guaranteed Experiences

Insurance covered experiences, with qualified partners for service guarantee.

Pay easy by installments

Pay easy by installments

Pay up to 40 times within a year; pay bit by bit manageable.

Are you a beach person, a nature person or a lover of hikes? Get inspired with these unforgettable destinations waiting for you to explore

Think of Zanzibar gate aways, for you and your loved ones and those who could go away with you

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Price starts as low as

98,000 Tsh

/person + Travel insurance

Day and Weekends Away

Build your own experience and own it

Long Experience

A team of people is always there to serve you

Family and More

We work tiredless to make sure you are served

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An array of experiences waiting for you


Serengeti & Ngorongoro

Serengeti, Ngorongoro

Tsh 1,391,270

Create memorable experiences

It could be your anniversary, or your parents are turning to their 80’s, this is for you and your loves ones or more.

Unlimited destinations

Choose your most preferred destinations, events, or experiences you wish to attend.

Be detailed

Take your time and how you want it to be, when where, why for and what.! We will serve you

Fear less about finance

Do you have a budget in mind? Share it with us, and allow us to work out all available options with less hustle on your end. Price is guaranteed.

Filtered suggestions

Within 8 hours you will receive up to 3 top recommendations fitting your taste and you may proceed with bookings.

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Travel as you wish, &
Pay After Travel

We understand that sometimes its not about paying but timing, this feature gives you financial power to any experience worthy up to 3 Millions Tshs, and you can pay a month after your travel

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