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Workshops designed to improve Hospitality service by featuring its stake holders, using innovation methodologies and engagements from locals for locals

Workshop 1 | Safari Wallet Offices

Local Guiding Locals Not Like Locals

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The Workshop has been designed as a series of workshops that feature partners in hospitality industry to engage, discuss by using different methodologies including design thinking process to define the best way to serve local tourist, the aim of this workshop is to improve best practice of service and approaches of service delivery in hospitality industry. Safari Wallet invited a number of female and male guides to start with and a number of partners will be featured

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Workshop focus

To open a discussion and knowledge sharing that will empower guides’ skills and how they can serve the local tourists and beyond that. To show that there is a great opportunity with serving the local market, how we can understand the market and capture it.


A chance for everyone to speak about how they feel about local tourists, their frustrations, thoughts, experiences, the good and the bad.

Impact and Feedbacks



Rasheed Rasheed (Rasheed Kindamba)

Safari Wallet respects content creators as one of the content generated, we are using our platform to also display talents that can be used to impact the tourism sector; Rasheed Rasheed is one of the photographers that has been playing a role as photographer on this workshop, and the pictures that were used were created by him on the day of the event.

Content Creator

A Lady who writes

This page was designed by Safari Wallet - digital design person, and all content were written by a travel vloger (Jaqueline Yegella), who also happened to attend the workshop for the first time, Jaqueline she has interest on writing articles about travel and she has been doing this for a period of over 2 years. It was a pleasure to feature her in this article